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TLA’s webinar series seeks to expand the association’s CLE offerings by providing timely information on issues of concern to transportation attorneys from the leaders in the field.  TLA members, non-members and non-attorneys are welcome to attend.

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Date: Tuesday, September 28, 2021 - 2:00 p.m. Eastern

  • Member Price:  Complimentary
  • Non-member Price:  $50

Too Much or Not Enough? Competitive and Anti-Competitive Conduct and Regulation in the Post COVID Supply Chain Squeeze 


In this timely and topical Webinar, the TLA's Antitrust and Unfair Trade Committee will discuss, analyze, and assess the wide range of competition law issues that are facing the transportation and logistics sector today.  Doctrines often thought to be arcane are now at the forefront of the Biden Administration's economic policy.  A new Executive Order to increase competition in the U.S. economy has targeted the logistics arena in multiple areas of policy and regulatory enforcement, especially with respect to the supply chain crunch caused by surging post-COVID demand; the new role of technological platforms in the provision of logistics services; and the use of non-compete agreements.  Air transportation also is specifically targeted, despite decades of deregulation and hands-off supervision.  Congress is also actively exploring whether it needs to enact new legislation to ensure a more competitive transportation sector, especially in light of foreign trade supply chain issues where U.S. shippers complain that they cannot obtain access to essential transportation services and equipment. 

This panel will explore the ramifications of these recent governmental initiatives and edicts, coupled with global bottlenecks in the supply chain, and how they will impact transportation practices, procedures, protocols and contracting across all modes, in such areas as detention and demurrage, Shipping Act Reform, and the use of electronic platforms for marketing and providing transportation services.  The panel will offer succinct assessments of where things stand on competition legislation and regulation, forecast impacts and implications down the road, and provide helpful tips on contracting and operational practices, to either work with, or work through, the new post-COVID regulatory regime.  These issues will impact all our practices, and we have some of the most knowledgeable transportation law experts in this specialized field to tell us all about them.  You won't want to miss it!



  • Review a wide range of competitive, anti-competitive and antitrust related issues that are facing the ‎transportation and logistics sector today‎.
  • Explore the ramifications of recent governmental regulations and edicts, coupled with global ‎bottlenecks in the supply chain, and how they will impact transportation practices, procedures, ‎protocols and contracting, across all modes‎.
  • Discuss competition issues raised by new technologies and their impact upon the logistics space, ‎competitive issues related to detention and demurrage, Shipping Act Reform, and the use of electronic ‎platforms for marketing transportation services.
  • Analyze the impact of the executive orders upon the non-competition clauses contained in many employment contracts in the logistics space.    

Category: Transportation Law (TRNOO), TRN01, TRN04, TRN05

Moderator:  Christopher M. Kelly

Andrew M. Danas, Partner, Grove, Jaskiewicz and Cobert, LLP, Washington, D.C.
Jeremy Handschuh, Managing Attorney, Mitchell-Handschuh Law Group, Atlanta, GA

Jol A. Silversmith, Member, KMA Zuckert LLC, Washington, D.C.
Suggestions for webinar topics and presenters are welcome.
Please email the committee chair​.​
2021-22 Webinar Committee
Tamara Goorevitz
Tyler Hayes
Pam Palmer
Melissa Richardson
Daniel Sbanotto
Eric Zalud

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