Source: Jaclyne Reive

Transport Canada has proposed amendments to the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations, which are open for comment by interested parties until September 3, 2022.

The amendments would require any person who imports, offers for transport, handles or transports dangerous goods to register in a new database and to provide certain administrative information regarding their activities related to dangerous goods, such as the sites where the activities are conducted, the type of activity conducted, classes and divisions of dangerous goods and the mode of transport. Additional requirements would apply for higher risk dangerous goods. The goal of the database is to enable Transport Canada to appropriately identify and prioritize sites for inspection based on risk level. The registration would be renewed on an annual basis and require ongoing updates in the event of changes to administrative information provided to Transport Canada.

Certain exemptions to registration would include, among others: (i) persons engaged in cross-border movements that do not have headquarters or operate a dangerous goods site in Canada; (ii) foreign carriers engaged in cross-border movements that do not have headquarters or own a dangerous goods site in Canada where transport activities take place; and (iii) selected lower risk persons such as mail services and courier companies.

Comments can be made directly through the Canada Gazette Part I webpage.